Building my vocalbooth

So I have my pop up vocalbooth which I am very happy with. Coming from a joinery background does come in handy, but I still need to keep to a budget. At the minute my booth consists of A three foot square timber frame that is sitting on top of a rubber mat, the mat cuts out vibration from outside and inside the booth - Oh and by the way before I go any further, I am no expert, any experiences I have they have come from a years worth of research, so this is completely my findings along with help from a few good people that used to work in audio at the BBC - SO...yes rubber mat, then...the timber is covered in Duvets to soak up the sound from inside the booth. On top I have a ply sheet which has 100mm of kingspan insulation (Yes from A building site I was working at) then that is covered in a bit of carpet I found. All in all this has a great effect on absorbing the sound made inside the booth, my raw recording is of a very high standard. the noise from outside can sometimes determine when I work. For instance, the school in the distance, I have to take my breaks when they do, otherwise i hear kids screaming in my ears for half an hour. this is no problem, because all other times i have a very low outside noise sound.

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